$6 Small Sips (1.5 oz)

Manhattan (Small)

Candied, Gripping, Preserve
Alberta Premium, Bulleit Bourbon, House Vermouth, Angostura Bitters

Negroni (Small)

Bitter, Balanced, Spirited
Bombay Sapphire, Campari, House Vermouth

Sazerac (Small)

Confectionary, Punchy, Silky
Alberta Premium, Bulleit Rye, Raw Sugar, Peychauds, Absinthe

Vesper (Small)

Vibrant, Bright, Bold
Bombay Sapphire, Ketel One, Lillet Blanc, Mattei Blanc


Oddly Fashioned

Bold, Rich, Elegant
2 oz / $16
Rittenhouse Rye, Amaro Averna, Amaro Vecchio Del Capo, Black Garlic, Mole

Power Walk

Light, Effervescent, Spice
2 oz / $15
Johnnie Walker Black Label, Amaro Nonino, Peach, Lime, Paprika

For The Hour

Bright, Fluffy, Toasted
2.25 oz / $18
Suntory Toki, St Germain, Lime, Coconut Genmaicha, Egg White, Contains: Dairy, Egg

Get Shafted

Rich, Coffee, Perky
2 oz / $17
Evan Williams Bottled In Bond, PX Sherry, Amaro Averna, Cold Brew, Pistachio Cream, Contains: Nuts, dairy


In The Linen

Light, Cacao, Decedent
2 oz / $17
Tanqueray Sencha Tea infusion, Yuzu Sake, Lemon, White Chocolate, Egg White, Gochugaru

Disco Nap

Tangy, Bright, Crushable
2 oz / $16
Empress Elderflower and Rose, Amaro Meletti, Noilly Prat Dry, Lemon, Brown Butter Apple, Lime Leaf, Contains: Dairy

Night Out In a Barroom

Decadent , Fruity, Pepper
3 oz / $17
Lind and Lime Gin, Peach, Noilly Prat Dry, Ginger and Raspberry Wine


Citrus, Anise, Floral
2.25 oz / $19
Tanqueray No.10, House Made Citrus Liqueur, Fortified Wine, Citrus Heart Cordial,Lavender and Anise Hydrosol


Sol Control

Rich, Smoke, Musty
2 oz / $18
Espolon Reposado, Laphroaig Select, Oloroso Sherry, Chipotle Chai Cream, Roasted Green Tea Paint, Served Hot or Cold

Snow White's Delight

Spice, Smoke, Apple
2 oz / $18
Sotol La Higuera Wheeleri, Fino Sherry, Lairds Apple Jack, Apple, Cinnamon, Smoke and Oak Bitters

House Plant

Earth, Banana, Full
2 oz / $18
El Occidental Mezcal, St Germain, Luxardo Bitter Bianco, Banana, Agave, Apple

Lifes Formula

Bright, Tangy, Citrus
2.25 oz / $21
Patron Silver, Fortified Wine, Ginger, Lime Leaf

Rum & Cane Spirits

Chai Thai Birdie

Roast, Tiki, Bold
2 oz / $16
Bacardi Rum Blend, Toasted Coconut-infused Campari, Guava, Thai Spiced Chai, Lime

Key Lime Tai

Malt, Citron, Punchy
2.25 oz / $17
Bacardi Rum Blend, Licor 43, Wray and Nephew Overproof, Graham Cracker Orgeat, Lime

The First Cut

Light, Deep, Crushable
2 oz / $16
Flor de Cana 4 Year, Fukucho Yuzu Sake, Seeplip Garden 108, Calalmansi, Cucumber

Miami Milk

Creamy, Light, Airy
2.25 oz / $18
Flor de Cana 4 year, Coconut, Fino Sherry, Strawberry, Lime, Yogurt, Milk, Pineapple Air, Contains: Dairy

Eau De Vie & Vodka

The Lada Saga

Tropical, Fluffy, Gripping
2 oz / $16
Ketel One, Lillet Blanc, Coconut Lemongrass Cordial, Coco Lopez Foam, Lime Leaf

Rabbit in the Meadow

Pepper, Floral, Bold
2 oz / $18
Calvados, St Remy VSOP, Yellow Chartreuse, Ginger Liqueur, Blueberry Lavender Syrup, Lemon, Sorbet, Sage, Black Pepper

Community Garden

Light, Bright, Herb
1.5 oz / $15
Ketel One Vodka, Grapefruit, Lime, Honey, Dill

Brown Sugar

Rich, Full, Tannic
2 oz / $20
Tito’s Hand Made Vodka, Becherovka, Amaro Meletti, Tea, Milk, Tapioca Pearls

Proof Classics

50 Boxes Of Earth

Aged, Rich, Full
2 oz / $17
Johnnie Walker Black, Cherry Herring, Yellow Chartreuse, Pimm’s, Jamaican No2 Bitters, Garlic Oil, Volume VIII Fall/Winter 2019

Masa Moto

Char, funk, light
2.25 oz / $19
Toasted Tortilla Mezcal, Pisco, Cocchi Americano, agave, acid, firewater, lime bitters, Volume XIII Fall/Winter 2022

A Little Bit Of Northern Hospitality

Floral, Bold, Cola
3 oz / $18
Reifel Rye, Amaro Lucano, Lemon, Black Tea, Earl Grey-infused Lager, Volume I Spring /Summer 2015

Guillotine Queen

Light, Fruit, Floral
3 oz / $16
Tito's Vodka, Rosé Wine, Peach Liqueur, Lime, Honey, Lavender, Volume VII Spring /Summer 2018

Fire In The Pharmacy

Smoky , Spicy, Tangy
2 oz / $18
Sombra Mezcal, Peated Scotch, Lemon, Ginger, Honey, Volume II Fall/Winter 2015

Punch Line

Bright, Tropical, Fresh
2 oz / $16
Espolon Blanco, ginger liqueur, Acidified Pineapple, agave, cucumber, ube, Volume XIII Fall/Winter 2022

Manly Glass

Tart, Baked, Cornucopia
2.25 oz / $18
Bombay Sapphire, Botanical Gin, Cynar, Mulled Hibiscus Syrup, Lemon, Volume XIII Fall/Winter 2022

Little Nancy

Spice, Silky, Fire
2.25 oz / $19
Old Grandad Bourbon, Cognac, Ancho Verde, Lemon, Brown Butter Apple, Firewater bitters, Hopped Bitters, Volume X Spring /Summer 2020

Zero Pr%f

From The Start

Bright, Tropical, Floral
0.01 oz / $11
Martini Floreale, Vera Aperitivo, White Cranberry, Passionfruit, Simple, Hop Water, Lime Leaf

Self Help

Herbal, Citrus, Light
0.01 oz / $10
Undone Not A Vermouth, Undone Not A Bitter, Vera Aperitivo, Bitter Melon Cordial

A Whole Other Island

Toasty, Baked, Complex
0.01 oz / $12
Seedlip Spice 94, Hojicha Tea Cordial, Cola, Lemon, Mint

Pick Me Up

Coffee, Vanilla, Cacao
0.01 oz / $11
Espresso, White Chocolate, Chipotle & Chai Cream, Tonka Bean

Tune Up

Rich, Vegetal, Clove
0.01 oz / $12
Carrot Juice, Coconut Cream, Simple, Angostura Bitters, Cinnamon

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