Miracle Cocktails


Bright, floral, Crush
2.5 oz / $16
vodka, elderflower, dry vermouth, spiced cranberry sauce, lime, rosemary, absinthe mist

Santa's Little Helper

Light, Anise, effervescent
2 oz / $17
gin, spiced caraway syrup, eucalyptus, sage, lime, seltzer

Christmas Cricket

Mint, Chocolate, rich
2.5 oz / $21
blanco tequila, vanilla liqueur, minty amaro, coco pandan, cream, mole bitters, dark chocolate *CONTAINS DAIRY

Elfing Around

Mulled, Baked, Sparkling
3 oz / $16
prosecco, gin, mulled wine reduction, grapefruit shrub, aromatic bitters, orange bitters

Holiday Spiked Chai

Tea, Nutty, Cinnamon
2.5 oz / $17
brandy, Jamaican overproof rum, coffee liqueur, amaretto, chai, almond milk, egg white, tiki bitters, nutmeg *CONTAINS DAIRY

Snowball Old-Fashioned

forward, warm, snappy
2 oz / $15
rye, gingerbread, aromatic bitters, wormwood bitters, orange essence

Grandma got ran over by a T-Rex

Light, Fruit, Aloe
2.75 oz / $22
vodka, orange liqueur, gentian aperitif, aloe vera, spiced pomegranate & grapefruit mix, lime, aromatic bitters

Yippie Ki Yay Mother F****r!

Ube, Tiki, Tropical
3 oz / $17
Barbados rum, rhum agricole, Trinidad overproof rum, ube & coconut orgeat, acid-adjusted pineapple juice

Jingle Balls Nog

Rich, Almond, Great
2 oz / $16
cognac, cream sherry, almond milk, cream, egg, vanilla, nutmeg *CONTAINS DAIRY, EGGS, NUTS

Hot Buttered Rum

Warming, Buttery, Boozy
2 oz / $21
** served hot** aged Jamaican rum, velvet falernum, mixed spiced butter, oat milk, nutmeg *CONTAINS DAIRY

Mulled Wine

Mulled, Spiced, Fruit
3 oz / $15
** served hot** mulled red wine, ruby port, orange liqueur, Christmas spices

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